Easter Egg Wreath


I am in love with this Easter Wreath! I wish I could say I came up with this idea, because it is just so cute! Debbie, from Kennedy Klan News & Honey Bee Heaven shows us how to create this wreath with a great photo tutorial!


plastic eggs any size or several sizes



hot glue



easter egg wreath2

Cut a 12″ circle using a plate as a template, make a mark 2″ in and draw another circle and then cut with a sharp knife. It does not have to perfect. You can use a dinner and salad plate for template. Then tie a small piece of ribbon at the top for a hanger and make two pen marks where you don’t want to glue eggs.

easter egg wreath3

The next step is to hot glue your eggs, butts together starting from one pen mark and going to the next. This is pretty simple, you can make a pattern or not.

easter egg wreath4

It takes about 48 eggs to make it nice and full. You can also use the little small ones to make it fuller or the really large ones to make a BIG wreath.

easter egg wreath5

Before adding the second layer of eggs, hot glue some grass in between the eggs. It just takes care of a few of the empty spaces and makes it look fuller.

easter egg wreath6

easter egg wreath7

Almost done, you just have to add a second layer of eggs at random on top of the first layer, Poke a little more grass in the empty holes and………..

easter egg wreath8

Tie a large bow and, your DONE!

easter egg wreath

Total cost for this project under $10.00
Two bags of eggs @ $2.00 each = $4.00
One bag of grass @ $1.50 = $1.50
1 roll of ribbon @ $3.00 = $3.00
Misc. items such as glue and cardboard you can probably find around the house

Source: http://debbie-doodlings.blogspot.com/2010/03/at-it-again-more-easter-egg-wreaths.html


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