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mark on call

Let’s face it: now matter how much time we spend honing our DIY skills without the right education none of us are exactly architects. While understanding architecture in how it relates to interior design isn’t something one absolutely must know, it can still be a big help to have a layout of the room you are looking to decorate. This is why Mark On Call, an app available for the iPad, is such a huge help.

Mark on call is primarily designed to allow you to design your home to your own specifications. This means that you can design a home from scratch and design a brand new home or recreate the one you currently have and use it to plan out a new interior design scheme to exact measurements. The best thing about this app is that it doesn’t just assume that you will be able to pick it up and know exactly what you are doing. It comes with a heap of helpful tips and guides to help you become proficient in using it. It teaches you from the ground up so that you can design your home exactly the way you want it with no compromises. There is even a shopping list feature which you can use to list items that you want to put in your home.


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