Mr. Bartender App


mr bartender 2

Whether it’s because you want to impress your friends or if you just want to expand your drink horizons then you’ve probably wished before that you knew a bit more about bartending and mixing drinks. After all who doesn’t want to know how to make a perfect White Russian or even a Banana Banshee? Well, with the Mr. Bartender app this is all made not just easy for you but also your friends.

mr bartender

With over 8000 drink recipes and a constantly expanding recipe list you’ll never run out of drinks to mix and ways to impress your friends. With this app you can expand on your drink repertoire considerably. Each recipe is exact so you can be sure that you don’t make any mistakes. If you just want to know what to order at a bar or you want to take a picture of a drink to find out what it is then this app is exactly what you’ve been searching for!


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