DIY Berry Lipstain


When lip stains first became really popular it was a true revelation for everyone with a busy schedule! Whether it was busy moms or the girl on the go, no one wants to have to reapply lipstick every ten minutes or have to worry about it rubbing off on..well..everything!! That’s the true beauty of lipstains. They last longer than anything else on the market, they stay put through a variety of uses, and they come in hundreds of colors just like lipsticks. However, for the person who really wants to know what kind of chemicals they’re using on their body, lip stains can be a minefield of bad stuff just like every other beauty product. So make your own! Here’s an amazing diy lip stain using berries! After all, isn’t a berry stained lip that go to for everyone? It’s natural, it’s sweet, it’s edible, it’s organic!! Here’s the tutorial!



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