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pocket garden

Growing a vegetable garden is something that can seem relatively easy on the outside. You dig a hole, put some seeds in, add water, and before you know it you’re enjoying the fruits (well, veggies) of your labor. That’s how it works, right? Not really. Vegetable gardens take more care and planning than that (otherwise world hunger wouldn’t be a thing). Fortunately for beginners there is the Pocket Garden app for iPhone and iPad.

pocket garden 2

Pocket Garden only costs 99 cents and for that 99 cents you get just about anything you could want to know about growing a garden without having to resort to a ridiculous amount of Googling. Pocket Garden is a great one stop for all of the gardening info you need. If there is anything negative to say about this app it would be that it is not exactly comprehensive so much as it is a general how-to guide in terms of format. Aside from that minor nitpick this is a wonderfully helpful out that any budding (no pun intended) gardener can put to great use.


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