DIY Air Freshener


Everyone loves a good smelling home but paying 6 dollars for a small bottle of good air freshener isn’t exactly frugal. Plus, you only get a couple of scents to choose from and where’s the fun in that? Behold, the solution we’ve all been waiting for: Homemade Air Freshener!! Only three ingredients means a more natural and earth friendly mixture and you can choose whatever scents float your boat because you use your favorite incense!! Thank you Pam, from Brown Thumb Mama for this amazingly simple recipe!

This recipe will almost perfectly replicate the results you get from name brand air fresheners and will do it for a fraction of the price. Best of all, once you know the recipe you’ll have it down pat so you can pretty much take air freshener out of your grocery budget. If you want to learn how to make this incredible air freshener then just click here!

home made air freshener 2 home made air freshener


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