DIY Knifeblock


As long as there is food and home cooking, there will be kitchen knives. They help us to create delicious meals, salads, and desserts. They are what we could call the indispensable tool of the kitchen along with the spoon and the bowl. However, the problem is storing them in a way that is both safe and easily accessible. After all you want to be able to reach your tools without wondering whether or not any little hands could reach them as well. Normally, you may say, you could use a knife block, but the problem is that knife blocks are made for a set size and amount of knives. This means that is you lose one, buy another, or have any deviation in the set, you’ll have a wasted space where a knife used to be. Knife blocks are also notorious for dulling knives and being wonderful little homes for germs and bacteria. So what’s the solution? This crafty little diy by Chelsea over at farmfreshtherapy. Along with her husband she was able to create a skewer knife block that eliminates all of these problems without causing you to empty your wallet. Check out the entire diy here.

diy knifeblock


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